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Structure our customer’s business development operations for them to reach extensive and sustainable success. Adapt to the ever changing business climate to provide a unique platform and vision in order to solve our customer’s problems.


Pro Met Solutions inc. is looking to establish contact and communication between players of the manufacturing industry in order for them to produce the best possible products in the shortest delays and at the best possible costs.

Using our consulting skills and manufacturing agent capabilities, we hope to create the most durable and profitable business relations between manufacturing companies and customers. Thus, in times where competitiveness and quickness of execution is critical, we give our customers the opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive contact network as well as from our extensive knowledge of Quebec’s manufacturers production capabilities and buyers specific characteristics.


Given our network of partners such as engineers, software specialists, technicians, industrial designers and advisers in international development we are capable of offering complete product and services mix.

Pro Met Solutions

Solutions integrator providing sales and good advice

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